JTK Powerin henkilökunta vietti tyky-päivää Merenkurkun maailmanperintökohteessa

Tyky-päivää vietettiin 1. syyskuuta.


JTK Power ensures employee’s well-being at work by renovating office spaces

Safe and Silent Solutions – for the employees too! JTK Power has renovated their office spaces in Vöyri to make working easy for their employees


JTK Power Suzhou runs on the experienced leadership and enthusiasm of Managing Director Handy Hu

Handy Hu, Managing Director of JTK Power Suzhou Co., joined JTK Power Group in 2012 and has had a key role in the company’s development in China since day one. JTK Power Suzhou continuously receives high ratings from their customers due to the fast response, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality products.