JTK Power has acquired a new submerged arc welding (SAW) tower. The investment is set to guarantee the even quality and delivery reliability of the company’s products for the upcoming years.


Kivisydän is an underground parking garage in Oulu, Finland. Situated 25 meters underground, the garage also serves as a civil defense shelter for 3000 people. The doors are manufactured in Finland by JTK Power.


In 2020, JTK Power embarked on a 2-year project with the goal of designing a globally competitive line of silencers with efficient manufacturability.


JTK Power participates in Save the Children Finland’s Christmas fundraiser this year. The company has made donations for four consecutive Christmases. At JTK, there is a sense of obligation to help and support those in a less fortunate position in society, especially children.


JTK Powerin toimihenkilöt viettivät toimihenkilöpäivää Wasalinen Aurora Botnialla risteillen Vaasasta Uumajaan.


Wasalines Aurora Botnia began operating between Vaasa and Umeå in August 2021. The construction and operation of Aurora Botnia have considered the challenges associated with the green transition. The ship uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) as its fuel, which significantly reduces sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional oil-burning engines. Biogas can also be used as fuel.


Safe and Silent Solutions – for the employees too! JTK Power has renovated their office spaces in Vöyri to make working easy for their employees


Handy Hu, Managing Director of JTK Power Suzhou Co., joined JTK Power Group in 2012 and has had a key role in the company’s development in China since day one. JTK Power Suzhou continuously receives high ratings from their customers due to the fast response, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality products.


Valmet Technologies Oy develops and supplies process technology, automation solutions and services mainly to the pulp, paper and energy industries. In addition, Valmet offers solutions for the mining, chemical, food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and industrial laundry service providers. In 2020, Valmet’s turnover was EUR 1.8 billion and it employed more than 4,000 people.


JTK Power has decades worth of experience in the matters of civil protection. In 2020 they released their modern S1 classified ventilation unit for air raid shelters.


Are you interested in a challenging and independent job, where you can develop and grow in your career? Great opportunities are offered in production, concept- and product development as well as finance and administration.


JTK Power’s silencer development project, funded by Business Finland, is almost complete. During the project, JTK Power has launched a completely new range of silencers compatible with efficient diesel and gas engines.


Product design and manufacture go hand in hand. Our in-house design and R&D department are involved from the start to support customers in design reviews and deliver preliminary drawings to ensure the scope is clear.


JTK Powers ability to take care of the whole chain from design to finished product, simultaneously managing the project and keeping to the agreed schedule, is something customers request.


JTK Power manufacture silencers that are used in, for example, the marine industries, power plants, and the process industry. Our silencers deliver what is promised, meaning there has never been any noise nuisances.


A clear picture of the noise problem and its source is a prerequisite for the right choice of silencer solution. Our acoustic measurement services cover, for example, FAT and SAT tests, vibration measurements, as well as ambient noise measurements.


Eckerö Line is part of the Rederi Ab Eckerö Group and operates car ferry traffic between Åland and Sweden, and between Helsinki and Tallinn. The business is focused on both cargo and passenger traffic. Since 2019, cargo ship MS Finbo Cargo is sailing between Vuosaari harbour in Helsinki and Muuga harbour in Tallinn, serving and providing regular connections for the important cargo traffic between Finland and Estonia.


JTK Power provides comprehensive noise attenuation solutions including everything from acoustic measurements and silencer design, to manufacturing and installation. We have more than 20 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing silencers.


Pesmel is a component manufacturer specialising in factories’ internal logistics. It designs and manufactures automated material flow solutions for industrial handling, packing, storing and logistics to meet the needs of the metal and paper industries. In 2019, the company’s turnover was EUR 54.4 million and it employed 224 people.


Anders Kannelhovi has been selected as the product and sales manager for JTK Power Manufacturing Services. Kannelhovi started his new job on the 1st of April 2021. He is in charge of sales for JTK Power’s machined products.


JTK Power Finmec Estonia AS, formerly known as Finmec, became part of JTK Power Group in 2018. Founded in Estonia in 1994 on the same year the country became independent, the company has been providing heavy duty welding and machining of steel structures for more than 25 years.


JTK Power China new appointments


Outsourcing production to JTK Power has many advantages. A modern plant, good material network and transport links, and high quality standards allows us to manufacture products sensibly at a competitive price.


JTK Power Group promotions and new appointments spring 2021.


JTK Power has made large investments in automation over the last few years and will continue to do so in the future in order to stay competitive. One more recent addition to the factory in Finland is a robotic welding system that works in production with welding and assembly.


JTK Power has chosen Jenni-Sofia Viitala for the position as product and sales manager, Shelter Solutions. She started her new job on the 1st of March 2021.


The purpose of the manufacturing services and advice provided by the experts at JTK Power Group is to find the best possible solution for manufacturing customers’ products. Effective processes and the company’s experience over almost 30 years has resulted in a solid knowledge of how to manufacture durable products at competitive prices.


JTK Power Group also intends to stay competitive in the future. In developing its manufacturing processes, JTK Power utilises the opportunities brought by the latest automation and their top-grade know-how of the sector


In a fast-changing world, different forces and trends affect people and businesses across all industries. Companies are required to adapt to changes and keep the finger on the pulse of development in order to stay competitive. JTK Power monitors the industry’s changes and directions closely to be prepared for them.


Results of the customer satisfaction survey conducted last year confirm the operations of JTK Power Group have been successful. This applies to products and services as well as customer support and delivery reliability. Altogether, the operations received a rating of 8.7 on a scale of 1-10.


JTK Power Group specialises in developing and manufacturing demanding steel solutions for the world’s leading companies in the marine and mining industries, the logistics sector and power plants. Through operations in three locations, each with their own specialization, the company can offer comprehensive solutions designed to meet even the most demanding customer needs.


We have updated our email addresses, because we want the entire JTK Power Group’s personnel to have email addresses that follow the same format. The purpose of this change is to make communications easier and bring all our companies under the JTK Power Group brand.


JTK Power’s website for air raid shelter equipment has been launched.


JTK Power Group’s new website has been launched. JTK Power JTK Power China, which offer customers comprehensive solutions designed to meet their needs.