About Us

Every product we manufacture solves a problem for our customer. These solutions are important components in demanding systems that must work well even in extreme conditions. Our products also promote health and safety – our silencers eliminate noise pollution, which is why it is vital to have professionally designed and implemented noise attenuation on ships, in power plants and other noisy places.

JTK Power China manufactures silencers for ships and power stations and carries out project-specific solutions that require demanding welding expertise. We specialise in products that are tailor-made to meet our customers’ specific, exacting needs. All our silencer products are designed in Finland and tested in Finland and China. Our products are manufactured in Suzhou, China according to international standards. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing silencers, which gives us in-depth knowledge about our customers’ products and their operating conditions. We help our customers to make the right decisions for their circumstances and to choose the solutions that best meet their needs.

We manufacture products for the marine industry, offshore drilling platforms, shipyards, the energy sector, paper industry and companies specialising in environmental cleaning services, which means that our products have to be extremely durable. Our know-how is among the best in the world. We use state-of-the-art welding technology. Our hoisting capacity of 26 tonnes and lifting height of 10 metres allows us to handle even very large pieces in our factory. Our factory also has a paint shop.

We are part of JTK Power Group, which guarantees our ability to offer our customers comprehensive solutions for broad-ranging systems. JTK Power Group is known worldwide for the best technology know-how in its field, its 100% delivery reliability and the dimensional accuracy of its products. By combining our customers’ needs with our technical know-how, we create products of the highest quality in terms of working characteristics.

JTK Power – Safe and Silent Solutions