JOB DESCRIPTIONS for Sales Manager

职称Job Title

销售经理Sales Manager


销售及市场部Sales & Marketing Department

上级Report to:

集团销售总监Group Sales Director


· 达到并超过涵盖账户销售的给定销售配额,维护、发展和获取新客户关系

Meet and exceed given sales quota for the covered account sales maintain, develop, and acquire new customer relationship

· 参与客户招标项目管理活动并与技术支持合作以满足客户的期望

Attain to customer tender project management activity and work with technical support in meeting customer expectations

· 从客户那里收集所需的技术信息并与设计师沟通

Collect needed technical information from customer and communicate with designer

· 了解产品售前售后技术知识,解决客户问题,确保客户满意

Understand product pre-sales and after-sales technical knowledge, solve customer questions, and ensure customer satisfaction

· 始终代表公司利益行事,同时始终与所有客户保持良好关系

Always acting on behalf of company's interests and at same time always maintain good relationship with all customers

· 能够在 25-50% 的时间内旅行

Able to travel 25-50% of the time


· 要成功完成这项工作,个人必须能够令人满意地履行每一项基本职责。下面列出的要求代表了所需的知识、技能和/或能力

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.

教育和经验Education and Experience:

· 本科或以上学历,工程或机械技术背景

Bachelor’s degree or above in engineering or Mechanical technical background.



· 至少3年机械制造或船舶机械相关领域的经验

Minimum 3 years of experience in Machinery Manufacture or Marine Mechanical related fields.

· 出色的沟通能力和组织能力

Excellent communication and excellent organization skills

· 具有在时间和资源压力下工作的能力

Demonstrated ability to work under time & resource pressure

· 能够有效规划时间以优化工作

Capable of effective planning of time to optimize effort

· 英语流利

Must be fluent in English

· 了解机械结构图 

Understand mechanical structure drawings

· 团队合作者和团队领导者 

A team player and team leader

· 海洋工业知识必不可少

Knowledge of marine industry is essential

· 能够很好地处理客户关系

Costumer relationship skill is need


个人特质Personal characteristics:

· 反应灵敏、务实、外向、适应力强、成熟、诚实、正直、道德高尚、有强烈的职业道德

Responsive, practical, outgoing personality, resiliency, maturity, honest, integrity, good moral, strong work ethic


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