JTK Power has launched a website dedicated to its air raid shelter equipment

JTK Power’s website for air raid shelter equipment has been launched. A specific website for this equipment was created as a distinct, clear entity to ensure that customers can easily find air raid shelter equipment made by JTK Power and learn about its overall services.

The website will promote JTK Power’s expertise in air raid shelters and offer customers the information they need. The new website will also include product brochures and installation instructions.

“JTK Power offers all the devices, equipment and expert services for air raid shelters you need. These have now been brought together on the new website. We are more than happy to provide you with more information and to help you choose the right products and systems, so please don’t hesitate to contact us,” says Robert Ollus, CEO of JTK Power.

Ollus also emphasises that JTK Power works in close cooperation with Karanttia Oy and Rakennusbetoni- ja Elementti Oy when manufacturing its air raid shelter equipment.

More than 60 years’ experience of air raid shelter equipment

Expert in air raid shelters Pekka Savio participated in the design of the website. Savio explains that it was important to highlight JTK Power’s extensive experience and know-how of the field on the pages. JTK Power has been manufacturing air raid shelter equipment for more than 60 years. Its products can be found in more than 6,000 shelters.

“JTK Power’s roots in making air raid shelter equipment run deep, as it is the successor of Metalli-Jokela, which started making air raid shelter products in the 60s. JTK Power has continued this excellent work,” Savio explains.

The web pages are available in Finnish and Swedish. Their design follows JTK Power Group’s brand image and they were implemented in cooperation with Herea Oy.