JTK Power ensures employee’s well-being at work by renovating office spaces

JTK Power started a comprehensive renovation project in their offices at Vöyri earlier this year. The project is a part of JTK’s well-being at work actions which are done to ensure functional and comfortable working spaces for the employees. Now the office spaces for Quality and Design Teams are ready to be used.

– Of course, the office spaces have been renovated from time to time, when the need has been noticed, but this time the renovation went a step further. For example, the air-ventilation unit will be replaced with a new one and the air-ventilation pipes has been already replaced with new ones too, Jarmo Latvala, Quality Manager of JTK Power Finland, tells.

This is done to improve the air quality and ventilation of the office spaces hence creating an optimal working condition for the employees.

– The new air-ventilation unit will also have a heat recovery system which will improve the ventilation of the office spaces during winters as well, Marjo Pennanen, Technical Assistant of JTK Power Finland, adds.

The renovated offices help employees to concentrate with soundproofed solutions

In order to make the office spaces more functional, attention has been paid to material choices and the layout of the space. Because of the new layout JTK Power has now more workstations than before.

– The workstations have been divided with soundproofed walls and we have noticed a significant change on the noise levels in the office spaces. The material on the ceiling was also chosen to attenuate sounds in the office. The noise levels have dropped significantly, and it makes concentrating easier. Though one of my colleagues do not like that he cannot hear when the printer has printed, Pennanen laughs.

– We also have more workstations, so when our company grows through new recruitments, we can proudly show new places for our new colleagues. We have also been given a possibility to choose new office chairs from the company that supplied the office furniture for the renovation. In JTK Power it is believed that good work ergonomics will benefit both parties, Pennanen continues.

JTK Power has, for example, adjustable standing desks with memory slots for employees and space for personal belongings too.

Flexible remote work culture at JTK Power

JTK Power invests in a flexible remote work culture, where employees can choose their working locations. During the renovation this has been very helpful for some employees.

– Though the renovation has proceeded in a timely manner, and we have been able to use the offices during the project, we have been encouraged to work from home if the renovation has caused some nuisances for working, Latvala tells.

– For example, one of our designers works mainly from Oulu and he works with us in Vöyri once a month. This of course depends on one’s role in the organization, but flexibility offers employees options to plan their work weeks ahead. This is important for the well-being at work, with the functional working spaces, Pennanen ends.