Wasalines Aurora Botnia glides silently through the archipelago - thanks to JTK Powers silencers

The construction of the ship, ordered from Rauma Marine Construction (RMC), took less than two years, starting in September 2019. Jonas Teir, who currently serves as the Technical Director at Wasaline, was on-site in Rauma during the construction, working as the project manager with his team.

"I have been working at Wasaline since 2016. Currently, my role is closely related to the green transition and reducing various emissions. Future fuels and their environmental impacts in maritime transportation are at the center of my work. In addition, my responsibilities include reducing noise emission caused by maritime traffic," says Teir.

JTK Power's Expertise Convinced

Teir was familiar with JTK Power and the company’s products as well as their capability to deliver. In a previous project, JTK Power quickly delivered a specialized component in an unexpected situation.

"Since silencers are highly specialized, spare parts cannot be simply picked off the shelf. Therefore, it is important that the supplier has the ability and capacity to respond quickly in unexpected situations.”, Teir adds.

JTK Power is also a well-known supplier with extensive collaborations with major engine manufacturers. Their silencers are a complete solution whose functionality has been tested multiple times in various projects.

"The silencer supplied by JTK Power was a 'turnkey' product, making it a suitable solution for us. We didn't have to be involved in the product's design and manufacturing process because the product delivered by JTK was an excellent fit for Wasaline's needs as it is. The silencer is also 99.9% maintenance-free, making it an economical long-term investment," he explains.

During the construction process, communication with JTK took place through the shipyard, and Teir and his colleagues mainly supervised the installation of JTK's component.

A Quiet Work Environment Enhances Job Satisfaction

In the future, noise regulations will become stricter, particularly regarding ship traffic. Therefore, high noise level requirements were set for Aurora Botnia during the construction phase.

"Because JTK Power has provided us with a highly noise-reducing product, we hope that we have managed to address the tightening noise regulations well into the future," Teir notes.

According to Teir, thanks to the silencers supplied by JTK Power, the noise level on the ship has decreased both inside and outside.

"The reduction in noise level is a significant improvement for the employees. There is a noticeable difference compared to the previous ship - in practice, you can hardly hear the arrival of Aurora Botnia in the harbor," Teir concludes.

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